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The Humanities Faculty currently offers six different subject areas and we aim to provide our learners with motivating and stimulating lessons. We are an enthusiastic team and try to teach our pupils in a creative way which appeals to all types of learners to maximise their potential. Many of our students choose to continue their academic studies in Humanities subjects onto Further and Higher Education.

Humanities at Girvan Academy

The Humanities subjects are an interesting, diverse and useful set of subjects. Within each individual subject area pupils will develop their understanding of the world, how it works and how people interact with one another. Pupils are encouraged to examine current affairs and the impact they can have on our everyday lives. The subjects that we offer are:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Modern Studies
  • RE
  • Early Education and Childcare
  • Travel and Tourism

Pupils consistently choose to return to the department after S2 to continue with our Broad General Education courses in S3 and again thereafter to progress to either National 4 or 5 level. Many S5/6 pupils also return to the subject to further progress their skills either academically to complete Higher in Geography, History, Modern Studies and RE or practically to complete the National 5 Early Education and Childcare or Travel and Tourism.

We always try to get the best from our pupils; those who have left often keep in touch and let us know how they are progressing.

Humanities Courses


  • S1 receive 3 periods of Social Subjects per week, this is split between Geography, History and Modern Studies. Additionally, pupils also receive one period of RE per week.
  • S2 receive 1 period of each Social Subject and RE per week.
  • S3 pupils will choose to specialise in Social Subjects. They can opt for one or take all 3. They will continue to receive 1 period of RE per week.

Senior Phase

  • S4 — National 5 courses are offered in Geography, History, Modern Studies, RMPS, Early Education and Child Care, and, Travel and Tourism.
  • S5/6 — Higher courses are currently offered in Geography, History, Modern Studies and RMPS.

Homework Requirements

Humanities pupils are issued with homework to consolidate the work undertaken in class. Homework can take a variety of forms and might include written exercises; completion of class work; or research to support project work including senior phase unit assessment.

Meet The Department


Mrs Kean

P.T Humanities

Mr Domoney-Lyttle

Geography NQT

Mr Kelly

History & Modern Studies

Mr Hughes

History & Modern Studies

Mr Gillespie

History & Modern Studies